Anne has had the great pleasure of playing the flute in an array of different settings; chamber ensembles, pit orchestras, symphony orchestras and wind ensembles.

Trio d’Amore

Performing regularly together, Trio d’Amore is a team of highly experienced and professional chamber musicians available for any event that needs that extra touch of elegance. Flute, oboe and 'cello work together in perfect accord, performing many genres of music, tailored to suit your own personal taste!

Anne Rose - Flute. Andrew Jacobs - Oboe. Laurien Kennedy - 'Cello.

Bellbird Duo

Flutists and friends Barbara Kerr and Anne Rose come together as the Bellbird Duo. Available for functions of any nature, Bellbird Duo can cater for all musical palates. A flexible ensemble, add a piano, guitar or 'cello for a full-bodied musical experience or relish in the purity of two flutes unaccompanied.

Anne Rose - Flute. Barbara Kerr - 'Flute.


Please contact us regarding costs for your event. We will be more than happy to provide you with a quote that meets your individual requirements. There is a minimum booking of 1 hour for all calls.

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